Our Mission - To Support as many Indian Artisans as possible through "Your" support

About Us

The Hut Cafe' is a mission with support crew and founding staff from IIT Bombay, IIM Ahmedabad and target to put our skilled artisans on the center-stage.

Artisan of the month - Jitesh

This month, we feature work of Jitesh who is an amazing scaled model maker

Jitesh is a resident of Umergaon, Gujarat where he resides with his parents, wife and son of 10 years. It is said that a man's first creative expression is born out of love. For Patil also, the passion for making wooden models started with his days at ONGC when he made a small wooden idol for a then young lady, now his wife. Since then, he would give little gifts to friends at his workplace - Ganpati idol, wooden helicopter, lifeboat replica etc. In this video we showcase his story and some of his amazing creations. The Hut Cafe' is proud to provide assistance to his growth.

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